The Fest


Spirt events can be a bit stuffy. We hate that. We hate that they tend to be industry-only parties with $300 tickets in fancy ballrooms and a bunch of stuck up people in nice suits, sipping pours from bottles the rest of us would never buy. The Heartland Spirits Fest is different. It's about craft spirits and cocktails, farm-to-table food, and the people that make it. It’s not a trade show. Not an “industry insiders” event. It’s not a marketing event. It's a fest.

And one hell of a good party. 


Craft Spirits & The Folks That Make Them

From the farmers that grow the ingredients, to the distillers that turn them into liquid gold, to the mixologists that continually push the boundaries of what you can do with a cocktail: Craft spirits are as much about the people as they are the beverage. We're about celebrating that. 

Craft Cocktails

There are many ways to enjoy spirits -- and one of our favorites is in an exceptionally executed cocktail. Each participating distillery will create a cocktail recipe to be served at the event. These come included with your ticket. Because we're cool like that. 


Food Trucks

The best companion for hand-crafted, grain-to-glass whiskies, gins, rums and vodkas? Hand-crafted, farm-to-table food. We've asked some of Chicago's best food trucks to partner with local farmers to create dishes inspired by the land. The result are dishes that are truly midwestern. And delicious, obviously. 

Heartland Craft Spirits Awards - Whiskey Edition

In the week leading up to the event, we'll be awarding craft distilleries in a variety of catergories, including straight whiskey, bourbon whiskey, corn whiskey, light whiskey, blended whiskey. The winners will be ready for sampling at the fest, so come prepared to tasty some of the best whiskies the heartland has to offer. 


...And All Things Craft Cocktail Culture


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