Distillery Feature: Detroit City Distillery

Bourbon Over Ice Cream. You Like That?

Detroit City Distillery makes some serious— and we mean serious—spirits. They make the bread and-butter sippers like Butcher’s Cut Bourbon, Homegrown Rye Whiskey, Railroad Gin and Gilded Age Vodka. But they also go HAM on small-batch gin products. 

Who is the genius behind the madness? Partner and distiller John Paul Gerome. He creates the stuff in his head and then makes it happen. How? We don’t ask. Why would we ask? Don’t ask.

Mr. “Give-Me-Liberty” and his group of friends started up the Detroit City Distillery in the Eastern Market area of the city. If you’ve visited the actual city of Detroit, not the—ahem­—Bloomfield Hills environs, you’ve been to Eastern Market. It’s real Detroit. You know the one. The this-ain’t-a-joke Detroit. 

This year, the distillery is moving into additional space at the old Stroh’s Ice Cream Factory. This is a common theme in the craft spirits industry. A lot of distilleries are fixing up old buildings to make new bourbon and revitalize communities. That’s what the kids would call a “glow up”…we think?

Anyway, the Detroit City guys are serious practitioners and artists. You can find their product everywhere in Michigan. And for just one day, you’ll be able to sample it in your own backyard at the Heartland Spirits Fest at the Concord Music Hall. They won’t be the only distributors visiting our fair city for just one day only. Don’t you want to meet the crew?

Get your tickets. 

The Heartland Spirits Fest
The Heartland Spirits Fest is a celebration of grain-to-glass cocktails and farm-to-table food. The festival will take place in Chicago on Saturday, May 20th at the one-and-only Concord Music Hall. Get your tickets now before they're gone!



Matt Tanaka