Distillery Feature: Dueling Grounds Distillery

I’ll see you at dawn, tough guy.

Something we need to address is this: Many craft spirit products are conceived with the intent of using them in cocktails. Yes, there is some super fine sippin’ product to be found, but the craft industry is reintroducing America to the higher art of cocktails.

With that being cleared up, let us introduce you to Dueling Grounds Distillery. We should tell you the story of the name, which comes from the distillery’s home town of Franklin, Kentucky’s storied history of dispute settlement – disputes settled the old-fashioned way.

The kind of settlement that would make Charlton Heston’s hands get clammy.

Anyway, the point is, Dueling Grounds keeps a mixologist on staff who creates four different cocktails every week. Read that again. Every week. The Heartland Spirits Fest is built for Dueling Grounds. It’ll feature craft cocktails built with fine spirits from a whole bunch of wise distillers who know a thing or two about what they’re doing.

In particular, the boys at Dueling Grounds make Kentucky Clear, which is a bourbon white dog, and Kentucky Apple Pie, which is made with Dueling’s bourbon and them apples from nearby orchards. How do you like them?

If you like them apples, take this next part as serious as a heart attack. Dueling Ground is off of I-65, just south of Bowling Green and just north of Nashville. How many of you will be haulin’ the whole family’s collective ass down there for summer trips, school visits, family reunions, and whatever else people do to occupy their kids during the summer?

If you call yourself an aficionado of fine craft spirits, get off the interstate and go visit. But first, taste why it’s worth the trip on May 20. It’s like...research, right?

The Heartland Spirits Fest
The Heartland Spirits Fest is a celebration of grain-to-glass cocktails and farm-to-table food. The festival will take place in Chicago on Saturday, May 20th at the one-and-only Concord Music Hall. Get your tickets now before they're gone!

Matt Tanaka