Food Truck Feature: Gene's Sausage

We like Gene’s Sausage.

Here’s the only cycle of life that matters.

About this time every year, farmers plant their fields. We’re in the Midwest, so that’s a lot of corn, which is a grass that’s been bred for hundreds of years to have huge ears. At the end of the day, farmers are producing energy, as calories.

Those calories are used primarily for animal feed, including for the hogs that provide the pork, which is prevalent in our food culture today. Can you say, “Bacon”?

The shrine for pork and sausage in the Midwest is Gene’s, which is an old world sausage shop in Lincoln Square. We asked the Illinois Pork Council if they could chip in and help the Heartland Spirits Fest and they said, “sure.” And then they sent us to Gene’s.

“We really think your guests are going to like Gene’s products,” they said. “Trust us,” they said.

This sausage is made from pigs locally grown, eating corn locally grown. And we mean every type of sausage imaginable. They have the best wurst, and the finest cuts of meat.

All the food trucks serving the Heartland Spirits Fest will use pork from Gene’s. You’re going to taste it and you will go to Gene’s.

“Trust us,” they said…and thankfully, we did. Thank you, Illinois Pork.

The Heartland Spirits Fest
The Heartland Spirits Fest is a celebration of grain-to-glass cocktails and farm-to-table food. The festival will take place in Chicago on Saturday, May 20th at the one-and-only Concord Music Hall. Get your tickets now before they're gone!

Matt Tanaka