Distillery Feature: Iowa Distilling Company

More Than A Century, Distilled

Peering through picturesque rolling hills layered with row after row of corn, Todd Dunkel had a thought. Some might even call it a revelation. There are few spots better for producing high quality spirits than the dark, deep soil of central Iowa. As consumers fell in love with the world of craft spirits, Todd realized the opportunity that grew at his feet. He found a century-old storefront in Cummings, a biking cross roads town of less than 400 residents just south of Des Moines, and transformed it into the Iowa Distilling Company. Today, this small-batch distillery develops some of Iowa’s most delicious and best-kept secrets.

The location stays true to a quiet fact of farming history—decades ago, many farms had on-site distilleries. Generations of farmers also harvested strong biases about which varieties of corn made the most flavorful mash for bourbon, rum and vodka!

The Iowa Distilling Company builds on its vintage roots by using only locally grown corn, and white oak barrels, where they let their bourbon age for two full years. Don’t even get us started on their cinnamon whiskey! You need to taste it to believe it.

But you don’t have to travel to Iowa to enjoy their spirits. They’ll be serving their proudly crafted liquor at the Heartland Spirits Fest at Concord Music Hall in Chicago, May 20. 

But if a bike ride through Cummins appeals to you, ride on through the Iowa Distilling Company. You won’t be the first (and certainly not the last) to ride away with a bottle of booze on the back of your Schwinn LaTour. (One of the best bikes ever, and used to be made in the U.S.)

The Heartland Spirits Fest
The Heartland Spirits Fest is a celebration of grain-to-glass cocktails and farm-to-table food. The festival will take place in Chicago on Saturday, May 20th at the one-and-only Concord Music Hall. Get your tickets now before they're gone!



Matt Tanaka