Distillery Feature: Quincy Street Distillery


Derrick Mancini, you get a tip of my hat sir.

If you haven’t picked this up yet, there’s going to be 30 or 40 craft distilleries at Heartland Spirits Fest from, like, a dozen different states. Each distillery is going to pour two or three different types of spirits and also serve up a cocktail. For the math challenged, that’s more than 100 hand-crafted spirits. Unless you want to forget how you got home on May 20, you’ll need to be discerning.

We think crowds might flow toward the out-of-state folks, thanks to their hard-to-get hooch, like the bourbon from Kentucky, the corn whiskey from Iowa and the rye whiskey from Kansas. (Big ups to the corn farmers for making this all possible.)

But don’t sleep on Illinois. Quincy Street Distillery will be in the house! We’ve been told not to provide links that send people away from this site, so Google “Quincy Street Distillery Spirits” but DON’T tell our bosses.

For those of you who like to follow rules; 1) thanks, and 2) here’s a few things directly from their site.


Distilled from a mash of wild-gathered American persimmons and wildflower honey. A rare spirit.

And another…


Clear absinthe blanc, distilled from wildflower honey spirit, anise, fennel, and grand wormwood.

The proprietor of Quincy Street Distillery, Mr. Derrick Mancini is probably not going to bring these to the Fest. He only makes a little bit of the Persimmon & Honey. And the Absinthe isn’t for sale just yet. So, why would we post something that isn’t going to be there? DID YOU READ THE DESCRIPTIONS? This guy is the Rembrandt of Riverside, Illinois, but with a copper still and his imagination. He could make dirt taste amazing. He probably already has and we just don’t know it yet.

Since we’re not totally sure who we’re talking to, you’re probably from a variety of sources. A lot of you will be in town for the Restaurant Show, so spend some time with the Illinois distilleries. And you Big Ten graduates now living in Lincoln Park, Bucktown and Lake View, Riverside is a suburb of Chicago. Sometimes people don’t know that, because Chicago is apparently a world unto itself. Anyway, it’s near the zoo you have to pay for. You won’t go there until you have kids. So stop by Quincy Street and check out Mr. Mancini’s creations. That way, when you go into a liquor store, you can actually look as smart as your degree.


The Heartland Spirits Fest
The Heartland Spirits Fest is a celebration of grain-to-glass cocktails and farm-to-table food. The festival will take place in Chicago on Saturday, May 20th at the one-and-only Concord Music Hall. Get your tickets now before they're gone!

Matt Tanaka