Distillery Feature: Three Rivers

Don’t go chasing waterfalls, but DO chase Three Rivers.

You’ve maybe heard of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Or you probably haven’t. Even if you have, what do you know about it? Yeah. Sounds about right. Here’s a summary: Interesting architecture—think Chicago without all the grime—nice people and Three Rivers Distilling.

This is going to sound a little nuts, but if you took the labels off of the ten whiskey bottles and asked us to pick out Three Rivers, we could. No brainer. It’s got classic lines that evoke the era when the rust belt wasn’t rusty and towns like Ft. Wayne were humming with manufacturing.

They do interesting things with their products. The bourbon is lightly aged in white oak. The rum is “excessively” filtered. They make a coffee liqueur with notes of chocolate and vanilla. And to honor the service men and women in their community, they make an unaged corn whiskey that is 122 proof.

Heartland Spirit Fest is fortunate that Aaron and Travis are doing us all a solid by showing up and sharing some of what they’ve worked very hard to create with us.

The Heartland Spirits Fest
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Matt Tanaka