A Celebration of Grain-To-Glass Cocktails & Farm-To-Table Food

Distiller Registration

Now accepting registrations for the 2017 Heartland Spirits Fest.

There's a movement going on. And it's rooted right here in the heartland. It's a movement driven by the deeply midwestern values of hard work and creation. We grow things here. And out of this place came a new wave of craft spirits. Whiskies, vodkas, gins, tequilas, rums, all created by humans using unique methods and ingredients and pushing the boundaries of their craft. Heartland Spirits Fest is a new kind of festival designed to celebrate a new kind of spirit. It's a celebration of food and drink that's been grown, distilled, created, and served-up in the heartland. 

Scroll down to register your craft distillery for the festival and competition! Spots are limited. Please CONTACT US with any questions. 


Included With Registration

+ Table & Linen
+ Ice
+ Container of Signature Cocktail
+ Ingredients for Signature Cocktail
+ Spirits Will Be Purchased


Distiller Registration
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